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You would also like to make money from the Internet, but you do not have the funds to start buying and storing it, but in no way can you forget the dream of making money from the internet , and you never need to forget this dream. Because in this article I want you to earn money from the Internet through sales collaboration, you do not need to have any capital to buy cheap website traffic the goods in bulk. You do not even need to store the goods. If you want to make money from these systems, read this article.

What is this cooperation in sales now?

Collaborating on sales or, as foreigners say, affiliate marketing is referred to  as a sale mode that you sell intermediary goods and share in the profit from the sale, according to the agreement that you have, make it an example in the form of an example.

But he wants to sell his own without a high advertising charge, so declares on his site that anyone can sell my goods to him, It creates your site with the name of the vendors and when you are a member of this section you will have a free online store that I would prefer not to use this store, which is a little bit ahead of its reason for talking to you and even a special link for each item It is also available to you. If anyone purchases through your store or through your link, it will be registered in your system and your payment will be credited to your account.

How does the sales co-operation system work?

Selling sales systems on your site will give you a vendor, and in this sales area, you will be given a site where your site is under the main site, such as blogs, for example affiliate. your name., the first part of the affiliate name the name of your site is yours, and the second part of your name is the name of the store that you have chosen for the system of cooperation in your sales. Of course, if you pay a lot of money, you can choose a unique name for your site and only the name of your site will be displayed, of course, I do not I do not recommend using the freeware site that these systems give you, and be sure to go ahead. I'll cover the subject.

But in the second case, in the user panel that they provide, you will have a sales promotion link for each product that you are looking for, which is what? This means that you can place this link as a purchase button on a site that you own or on your telegram channel, and if someone clicks on this link and buys, the system automatically detects this and purchases it in your name. You will be registered for each buy Website traffic of your purchase.

At the same time, you can see the list of goods in the panel that you have, and even realize that each product has a few percentage points for you, or see which bestseller goods are, the inventory of which goods are over, and a lot of important information that can Help you sell a lot

Now it's time to introduce a few systems of cooperation in sales

Now let's take a look at the main point, which means that I will introduce some of the systems of sales co-operation that I have worked with them, as well as have a good variety of goods and their calculations are good, here I have two systems of cooperation in sales that I have chosen. I introduce myself and decide with you whether you want to work with one or both at the same time, of course, I will try to make the choice between the two systems of cooperation in sales easier for you, the zero step to start an Internet business Based on the cooperation in the sale of suitable systems, it is the job that will open as a supplier of goods.

Collaborate on Homeland Security

The first on-sale system that I introduce today is Homeland Security's intermediary sales system, one of the most diverse sales systems in the luxury market, with a range of products with a high diversity, and I worked for some time with this system and benefit from the homeland You can point to these.

  • High commodity diversity
  • Fast pony
  • Easy User Panel
  • Medium telephone answering
  • Medium Commodity Return
  • Scoring system and great bonus

To start, I suggest entering the Domain Registration section through the button below and registering yourself on this site so that the user panel is immediately available to you, registration on this site is very simple and enough information from you Wants to enter.

Collaborative system at Diane Shop

I put Diane System in the second place and I worked with this system, the variety of goods is good, but in front of the countryman there are weaknesses that I can complicate the user panel, the complexity of the billing system and problems with sending the goods pointing I would like to mention the following points if I want to consider its advantages or disadvantages

  • Medium commodity diversity
  • The pony speed is low
  • Sophisticated User Panel
  • Medium telephone answering
  • Medium Commodity Return

To get started, if you want to be active on this system, I suggest logging in to the Diane Register subscription via the button below and registering yourself on this site to immediately give you a user account. Registration on this site is very simple. And enough is the information you want to enter.

Benefits of making money from the Internet with sales co-operation systems

Selling sales systems, the first advantage you make is that you do not need to spend several million dollars at the start of the purchase of inventory of goods and these systems have an initial stock and you just have a link. Putting them on your own site on your site, you will also not be worried about where to store those goods, because the systems of cooperation in their sales have large warehouses for this.

The next thing to note is that you do not even need to package and ship the product that you sell, since the collaboration systems packaged and shipped in your sales, and finally you get your own commission. In other words, without having to have the initial capital, you can own an efficient Internet business.

Also, keep in mind that there is a system of collaboration in the sale of a hospital that if you try a little for it, you can have good revenues, and of course, you should also know a few tips that I want to continue to do. Point out

Disadvantages of Collaboration Systems in Sales

So far, we have talked about the goodness of intermediary sales systems, but a little bit we must look at the facts of these systems. One of the disadvantages of these systems is that when you sell a product, in front of the buyer you will be held responsible and so if there is a problem, it will contact you directly, although there are also systems of cooperation in the sales of the telephone support section, and you can call customer numbers after purchasing or having problems, but sometimes you have to Talk to the support department of these systems and solve the customer problem.

The second thing I can say about sales collaboration systems is that: if you have 10 sales today and every 10 orders are successful, but if one of the sales is not delivered to the customer and returned eating will deduct half the cost of the post from your account, that is.

Start-earning strategy from sales co-operation systems

How should you make money from these systems now? In the first step, as mentioned earlier, you must register at least one of the systems for co-operating in the sale for free. In the next step, I’ve told you never to be from a free site. Do not use these systems, but why I put it, the first reason is that you cannot edit these stores at all and change parts of it to your own taste.

The second issue is that you cannot customize certain items on your site or even change how to customize it, as everything in the main store of this site is displayed directly on your site, also the third issue. That you cannot install marketing systems for sale on these sites, and even if you want the articles section you do not have this site and it's not SEO-friendly in terms of SEO.

The fourth point that most of the previous points are most important is that if you have long been working with sales collaboration systems and having many customers, create your own dedicated store and introduce a new site to customers, there is practically no access to information Customers do not have to inform them, so never try to use the free targeted web traffic online store of these systems.

What's the solution? I suggest that you design your own online store so that you can edit it as you like, put some products in it, install professional marketing systems, and even your site can rank in Google, Of course, you can also design a fully professional web store without having any programming knowledge or technical know-how, and I have fully integrated this with the marketing and sales practices of the Internet business trick product .

The second step is to start earning money

Now that you signed up for the online collaboration system, you also designed your own online store and put the products you like on your site, along with the link to the sale on your site, you need to find out who your customers find and you To guide these customers to your site, you should be familiar with the techniques of increasing site visits , I suggest that you read the article on how to increase site visits for free to or to buy social media traffic to learn these techniques and bring customers to guide your site.

It is not supposed to do business forever!

It's not going to be a sales partner forever, and you'll end up having to sell the products you like yourself one day and create a real online store that has everything you own. One of the reasons I’ve said is that you first try to design your own online store and do not use the free online shopping system for sales. That's exactly what you're up to, and after a while you'll find out what the market is doing and what's up-selling. Are.

That is, you set up, earn money from without and with the lowest possible risk, and, along with that, you get a great experience, and if you do not want to work with sales collaboration systems, you know what goods you have. Buy it, you can easily sell it and earn high profits and even become one of the most popular online stores in Iran.

Last word

Collaborative sales systems can be a good way for people who have little or no idea, but who want to start earning money from the Internet, and this method can help you start your own Internet business as quickly as possible. And in the future turn it into a great online store. To get started, just run all the steps from the beginning to the end of this article.