Higher Education in Art Is in Crisis—Now's the Time to Reform It

It's time to talk about sales or increase sales, especially in times of crisis, so I'm hearing from very poor people who need to work on your site more safer, more engaging content, good publicity ads, and thousands of suggestions that ultimately have no result. No, in the time of crisis, any of the routine methods cannot boost sales or grow your business, unless you have an accountable strategy, and you need to ask someone to cope at least once with critical conditions so that they can Provide you with the right strategy and solution

The crisis that destroyed businesses

Second term was that the country was in economic crisis, and I was in that time an IT company with an active affiliate in the field of sports, managing a lot of businesses and getting them up. Surrender, but at the same time I knew a lot of people looking for solutions instead of surrendering, and now they have a good business situation. Been battling to achieve an optimal Alexa ranking?  Buy Alexa web traffic and let us do the work for you.  Services are available to fit most budgets depending upon how aggressively/quickly you want results and what your current ranking is. This is a premium service that boasts the highest quality.  We take results seriously!

That time, with the strategies that I am telling you today, I could easily leave behind the economic storm, and even help some of my friends in order to make their economies look good. So, I experienced this, and, in this article, I really want to share my experiences with the previous economic crisis and the current crisis.

Why do businesses fail during the crisis?

When I give advice to businesses, I always find a big mistake in their strategy, and in 90% of times they are experiencing a slap on the sale by removing the same caveat, here's the first big hole that we'll look at in several parts. The reasons why businesses never dream come true or fail in critical situations are these.

Increase sales in critical situations by knowing the type of sales

Buyer: Businesses are always looking to get a lot of buyers, and in times of crisis, they also think that our ads are likely to be low, which is why we sell a bit, if this is only 20% of your problem, 80 The problem is hidden elsewhere

Of course, even in critical situations, you still have to allocate 20% of your resources to advertising, because you cannot stop a part of your business wheel, it's interesting that some businesses stop stopping because of the downturn and the name declines It costs a lot of time to fail, but I also have to say that the one who buys you for the first time here buys it to the buyer and this buyer has not yet become a customer.

Customer: I mentioned in the previous step that 20% of your problem is finding new buyers who buy the first time, but 20% of your problem is hiding in this part; in critical circumstances you have to do something that the buyer turned into a customer. That means you can do the second and third times, and this is one of the big holes in the online stores that I have been advising so far.

Unfortunately, online stores do not have any strategy to turn the buyer into a customer as soon as they make the first sale. If they have email and phone numbers for buyers, just keep track of your relationship with the previous buyers to see the wave. Do not sell until you have experienced it before.

Fans:   You already know 40% of the strategy, that is, you must allocate 20% of your resources to buy the buyer and in the next step try to buy website traffic those who bought you once again to sell another product or service. Now offer those who have already bought you a new offer to see your sales increase, but many businesses do not follow the next step, creating a fan

Fans are those who always buy from you any product they need, and even if their friends need a service or product they will introduce you, for example, I would always go to a certain barbershop, but once one of my friends said, Mohsen, you Which hairdresser did you and after answering it, he told me because you are a little crazy behind your hair, you need to know how to fix this problem and this barber does not do this well, I’ll introduce you to someone who You know how to do this for yourself, of course, this friend, like myself, has a problem with a little hair behind him.

Just as an affiliate made me change my hairdresser, I know less of a business that really worked on creating a supporter, and that's where you have to always have good plans to create a fan. For example, if you send custom to your customers, send a surprise gift for them as well. Or, if you know your date of birth or anniversary of their marriage, send a related gift along with the package.

Target Market: Up to now, 60% of your hidden problems showed up, of course, the buyer was not a problem, and everyone knew about it. But the other 20% of the other business problem is that the market has chosen the wrong target and, as a result, is in a crisis, it is falling on sales, and in critical circumstances, you should see the target market you have chosen to be worth it to continue. You should change your target market.

In a critical situation, when you choose a market that is financially low or moderately low in the level, you will be in trouble in a crisis and a recession, such as cheap stores or online stores that want everything to Everyone sell.

But stores that have special or even high-priced products continue to sell well because their target market is either moderate or even affluent, for example, if you are a Gucci dealer or Zara and Wrangler clothing, you never lose market. You do not understand, because middle-aged people or wealthy people always buy their brand at whatever price they buy.

So now look at the items you sell and see if you really chose the right target market or not? If you choose the wrong target market, do not get upset at all, think about what market you want to achieve and concentrate on gaining it. If you solve this section, you will never have a financial problem.

Reducing Costs: Now we reach the final 20%, which reduces the current cost of your business, and many businesses experience failure due to neglecting this part or because they make mistakes, I mean It's not about cutting costs, for example, stopping ads because advertising is one of the main wheels in your business.

In any business, you may have the cost of livelihood that, if you delete, the resources you save can be used to grow your business, the easiest thing is to use waste paper, which you can easily use from these waste paper as Use the notes tab. If you have already sent packets with the leading mailer you would post with this post from hereafter. If you find a cheaper Internet service provider that has good quality, change your Internet service provider and combine a combination of lower cost of the results. Incredible for you. I remember going to see a big market wholesaler and the same time I saw a motorcycle sitting next to him, and this second person took a carriage with his hands and took it, a moment ago I told myself what was dangerous 10 minutes later I went somewhat ahead and saw that the same engine, he was carrying the cart that was carrying the whole load, and he became interesting, I went ahead and curiously made me ask him a question.

I asked: You always buy cheap website traffic this form, very friendly, yes, we always buy this for our supermarket. Because if you want to rent a boat every day or two to get this load for us, then we have to pay only one million dollars a month to rent, and this will save about 12 million dollar annually, I do not mean that we should always use such dangerous methods, but anyone, depending on the type of business, should look for ways to reduce costs.

Go to 120%

If you take the steps we've tested here together, you'll have a good sales experience even in critical situations, but I want to see it as another accelerator, which should be at the end of each Do it year and if your business is active for a long time, you should check this out right now.

It is also a review of the trend of the market, what is it?

That is, you have to look at the goods or services you are presenting now, as long as you are asking for it, and you have to replace the newer product or service or sell them more differently. I do not remember that the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PSW consoles had been on the market for video games, and my friend still sold games that had to be installed on the computer, one day I told him if you want to continue to do so, Make a lot of money, and you should even close the business and card, as it has been down to now

Said what's wrong? I told him that you do not see people coming to the game consoles and they're not bored with installing multi-DVD games that they always have one hundred problems, so new gaming companies do not provide any games for the computer, it's time that According to the market trends, you will also offer newer products and services

First, he retreated, but starting to play the PSP and the PS3 in the following month, he is now one of the leading gaming consoles in Bandar Abbas, which is due to the fact that he has accepted the market trend and changes to it. , Customers also welcomed it.

Now look at the product or services you offer, whether they still require or need to be presented in a different way, or even remove some of them and provide them with an appropriate alternative.

After starting a free and downloadable free download, I received a lot of calls from the Internet and the Internet business and asked questions about ways to increase website sales. Having checked more than 30 stores and websites, I found interesting results. This article will only review them!

These people often managed a store or website from 6 months to 3 years, but they did not comply with a few basic principles, so they did not sell well, and since internet marketing has contributed to the marketing of the physical world, there must be a series of tips.

The role of order in increasing sales

As in the physical beauty world of the store and the regularity of the appearance of the dealer is important, the appearance of the website graphics is also a key point, the purpose of beauty is not heavy graphics, and only observing the principles of coloring and layout of the site, if you See a store that is completely cluttered and the appearance of the seller is inappropriate. Will you buy from there?

Appropriate access and increased sales

The availability of information and products can have an impact on sales growth, if someone enters your website and intends to purchase, but does not know how to find the product or how to purchase it, be sure to purchase Will give up

The impact of the number and type of products in increasing sales

Try not to sell everything from websites, see your audience and only get the same product audience. If your product category is high, the customer will never trust you, or it will be confused with this variety. And you will not be selling or selling at a low price.

The role of information in increasing sales

Collect the information of the visitors, because 99% of those who come to your website for the first time will never remember your website after leaving. If you are looking for a solution to collect this information, I suggest that the product  the months of targeted Email Marketing with WordPress provide come , gather information, visitors can ultimately lead to increased sales. 

The impact of advertising and marketing on sales increases

You must have an advertising goal and program, and if you delete this section, you will surely never experience a rise in sales, but you will lose sales, and you will be referred to graveyards for websites.

Last word

Most of the people who contacted me have these five problems, and if they do not find a solution to them, they will never increase sales, so if you are still struggling with these problems, try to fix these problems. You can see a boost in sales and buy cheap website traffic for top provider. of course, you can download the 10 successful business startup tricks for free to get more tricks to boost sales and success in your online business.